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Chandigarh, May 4

It was a whopping $70,000 that a 21-year-old girl spent on a cosmetic surgery in order to turn herself into a ‘human Barbie’.

After the drastic transformation, she claimed that her entire family cut tires with her.

Now called Jessy Bunny, the German-born Jessica shared her measurements in her bio on Instagram, where she describes herself as a fashion model with a cup size of “2000 cc (cubic centimetres) and growing”.

Citing Austrian media outlet Heute, Yahoo News reported that Jessy lives in Vienna and has undergone three breast enhancements. She also had a surgery on her nose and procedures to plump up her lips and bum.

Over the years, she has claimed to have spent approximately $73,000 on surgery.

Jessy said that her family has blocked her phone calls and ignored her text messages.

“This is so sad as I’d love to be in touch, especially with my brother and my grandparents. I just don’t understand why they behave that way just because I’ve changed my physical appearance,” Jessy told Heute.

The 21-year-old said that her parents had very conservative opinions concerning education. They even handed her silk scarves to cover her cleavage. But eventually, when she turned 17, she left her parents home in a bid to start her physical transformation.

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