MANILA, Philippines — There’s a lip trend that’s taking the storm in K-dramas and even social media.

You know that blurred lip or gradient lip trend? Also called the popsicle lips, the trend was even seen sported by the leading ladies of the hit Korean drama “Itaewon Class.”

Even Filipina actress Bea Alonzo is digging the look.

It’s easy-peasy to achieve.

Allure magazine gave three steps on how to achieve that look. All it takes is a hydrating lip stain with a gloss finish, a tube of your favorite tint and foundation.

Here’s the step-by-step: 

1. Apply the lip stain using your pinkie finger from the middle of your lips outwards, past the lip line.

2. To make sure there is more pigment on the center of the lips, apply your favorite lip color only at the center and blend well with the lip stain.

3. Smoothen your lips’ edges with foundation. also gave its tips on how to get the look. Just like the Allure tutorial, it also requires you to first put on a balm.

Two shades are required for the second step: the lighter shade on the outer rim of the lips while the darker shade to the inner center of the lips.

You can then blend the darker color outwards with your fingertips.

Bea said she’s into the Korean gradient lips trend, and it is not surprising as she is a big lipstick fan.

“Makeup in general is supposed to be worn to be comfortable to express yourself… ‘Di ba ‘yung iba, they drink alcohol or liquor to do that? Ako, if I want to be more confident, I just put on lipstick. So kung me liquid courage, ako, lipstick courage,” she shared to

The blooming actress, who’s had rough years recently, spoke from her experience and connected it to how she manifests her confidence in fighting over any difficulties she may face.

“It’s not about how loud a fire that matters but how well it’s fueled. Minsan, it’s easier to give up or fight fire with fire. Time taught me that it’s not always the best solution and that strength comes in different forms. I’d rather just my actions or my lipstick do the talking,” she vouched.

So, here’s the dibs on how the actress feels whenever she wears these shades.

Whenever she feels young or wants to pick up herself after a “thousand rejections,” fuchsia is the way to go.

For that healthy glow that she also equates to self-love, she goes for coral or the tamer shade of red, her “quiet fire.”  

Nude is her go-to color because it goes well with almost anything. It also strikes as a very approachable shade because it makes the wearer look confident or someone who knows herself well.

For those dramatic moments where she wants to stand out, she’d dab on dark orchid.

Ruby red always makes her empowered. It’s the shade that puts her in a battle mode, that basically screams that she wants to be “taken seriously.” It also reminds her of Basha, her most popular character from the hit movie franchise, “One More Chance.”

You’ll catch Bea, the person behind the famous actress, when she’s wearing bright red. Bea shared that this shade is “for those who’ve embraced themselves, flaws and all.”