Nine people were shot and five others injured in a stampede after guns were fired in a shopping centre in Columbia, sparking widespread panic as people “yelled and screamed”

South Carolina: Man arrested after 14 injured in mall shooting

“Gang revenge” may have fuelled a shooting in South Carolina on Saturday which left 14 people injured, according to a law enforcement source.

Local police forces in Columbia, the capital of South Carolina, say 14 people were injured after shots were fired at around 2.30pm local time (7.30pm UK time) on Saturday.

The Columbiana Centre, on Harbison Boulevard, was evacuated as officers scoured the area for the shooter, later detaining three people.

Columbia Police Deputy Chief Melron Kelly told reporters nine people had been shot, but there were no fatalities.

The victims are aged between 15 and 73. Five people were injured in the stampede the incident triggered.

Fourteen people were injured in the incident


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A law enforcement source told Yahoo News that the shooting was gang related, while Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook said authorities do not believe that the attack was random.

The shooting likely stemmed from an on-going conflict, police said.

As of this morning, Jewayne M. Price is the only person arrested by police.

The 22-year-old will be charged with unlawful carrying of a pistol, police have said.

Two other men who were also detained for questioning have been released from police custody after it was determined that they were not involved in the shooting.

Police are now working to identify two other people who witnesses claim had guns. Detectives have said at least two guns were fired.

The shooting triggered a huge police response


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Investigators say at least three suspects pulled out guns in the middle of the mall.

Cindy Paris Rectenwald and her daughter Rachel were in the mall food court when the shooting started and the mum initially hid under a table.

She said they thought it was rain hitting the glass roof before she saw people running towards them.

Ms Rectenwald described seeing people “screaming and yelling” as they dashed for the exit doors in the food court.

The pair lost each other in the crowd and Ms Rectenwald got under a table, but on spotting her daughter she was beckoned to “come on” and they made it outside.

She said the gun sounded like an automatic weapon.

The Police Department wrote on Twitter at the time: “We have confirmed that people have been injured during the incident — they are receiving medical attention. The extent of injuries are unknown at this time.

“If you need to pick up loved ones, the reunification area is 320 Columbiana Drive – Fairfield Inn. We are working on a transit option to take people who may still be near the mall to the reunification area.”

Mall employees “told to shelter in place for safety” were escorted out by law enforcement and warned: “DO NOT leave a store until told to do so by proper authorities.”

The car park has been closed as dozens of emergency vehicles arrived. An ambulance was seen leaving the area at around 3pm.

The shooting sparked chaos at the Columbiana Centre

One Twitter user said: “Prayers for those at the Columbiana mall.”

Another added: “I was having such a good day until I got a phone call that somebody shot up Columbiana Mall.

“My friend had to run for her life to get out of there and I’m so happy she made it out but the victims…”

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