WHILE just 13% of South African women admit to not wearing any make-up at all, the majority (76%) say that price determines which, and how many, beauty products they buy.

This is according to a survey by Picodi on South Africans’ cosmetics preferences.
Although the beauty industry caters mainly for women, in ancient Egypt both men and women wore make-up in the form of eyeliner.

Cosmetics have since evolved and became a major global industry, with many fads and fancies coming and going each season.
According to the book profits survey, the average South African woman spends R5 468 annually on cosmetics, while their male counterparts spend just R2 750.

The average South African woman owns 19 beauty products, with only seven in regular use.
Forty-three per cent of the surveyed women admitted to buying cosmetics at discounted prices.

While price is a determining factor among most (76%) of South African women, 53% are brand loyal and 32% choose according to ingredients.
Just 20% are swayed by influencers’ recommendations and a mere 16% by friends’ opinions.
Forty-three per cent of women buy cosmetics when they are on sale, keeping them in reserve, 34% buy when they run out and 23% buy whenever they feel like it.

Just 32% of women buy premium products, 39% allow themselves to buy premium cosmetics occasionally, and 29% don’t buy them at all.
Showing their environmental awareness, 67% of women said they buy ‘green’ cosmetics products, but only when the price is right.

Just 10% have no interest in the ecological bioptimizers coupon code aspect of the cosmetics industry.
Of the men surveyed, 65% buy cosmetics products by themselves, while the remaining 35% admitted that mom, a girlfriend or a wife buys their cosmetics for them.

As with women, price is the determining factor for men when buying cosmetics and almost half of the men surveyed said they did not care about the ecological aspect.
*Link: https://www.picodi.com/za/bargain-hunting/south-africans-cosmetics-preferences


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