There are a lot of eye injuries every year that are sports-related. According to hospitals and eye institutions, eye injuries are among the leading causes of blindness in kids in North America. Most of these injuries happening in school-aged kids are related to sports.

Furthermore, more or less, 99% of these injuries can be prevented by simply wearing eyepieces or sunglasses designed for protection. These injuries are not just because of contact sports. A lot of these activities can pose a lot of danger, especially those that involve balls, rackets, bats, and even elbows.

It is up to coaches, teachers, parents, and league administrators to make protective sunglasses a requirement of any sports attire. It includes safety goggles or sunglasses, eye guards, or helmets with built-in protective eyepieces, depending on the event or sport.

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Prescription sunglasses

For most athletes that wear prescription contact lens or glasses, sports eyepieces play a big role. Most of these people choose not to use these things during games because it is inconvenient, as well as impairing their vision. It ultimately affects the player’s performance during games. Wearing prescription or non-prescription goggles over contact lenses and sunglasses serves as protection to the eyes.

Still, it allows people to see a lot better and clearer, as well as increase their performance. It is imperative to note that standard prescription glasses do not protect people’s eyes from high-speed impact and could cause more significant harm if the frame or lens are damaged during the play.

How to choose the perfect protective sports sunglasses

These things are made of unique materials like Trivex, plastic, or polycarbonate. It can protect the users from high-speed impacts and, eventually, potential injuries. Trivez and polycarbonate lenses also have Ultraviolet protection to help protect people’s eyes from damaging UV radiation from the sun.

It can also be made with the addition of tints like a built-in sunglasses. It is an excellent idea to ensure that lenses have coatings resistant to scratches, so wear and tear do not cause a decrease in visibility. Athletic pieces like Oakley glasses are usually made with polycarbonate materials or strong plastics.

These things often have rubber padding on the nose or forehead to increase fit and comfort. It is very important for people, especially kids, have eyewear that fits well to have optimal vision and safety. To check that these things fit properly, ensure the internal padding rest comfortably on the user’s face and that their eyes are properly centered in the lens area.

If the kid complains that their sunglasses are too tight or too loose, it may be a good idea to get a new pair. People also need to consider whether the kid will be wearing a helmet or hat to ensure that the glasses or goggles fit comfortably inside their gear. Depending on the event or sport, the design and type of the protective eyewear vary, so make sure to tell eye professionals what type of sports the wearer plays so they can find the best kind of protection to keep the eyes safe.