According to reports, Pokreshchuk began her journey to achieving “the world’s biggest cheeks” when she was 26 in order to boost her confidence. 

During a previous appearance on the UK television show This Morning, Pokreshchuk claimed she has “no regrets” about her cosmetic procedures, adding the surgeries have transformed her into a “more confident” woman.

“I love this look. I was a grey mouse before,” Pokreshchuk said. “Now I have lips and cheeks and it looks okay.”

She explained that she typically follows online tutorials to administer the filler herself, claiming she sterilises her equipment and injects the substance “like a doctor” would to a patient. 

“This can be dangerous, but… I am learning online,” she said. “[I won’t] die, no… an infection is not good, but everything is sterilised when I’m doing this.”

The 33-year-old also said she has received more romantic attention since achieving her extreme look, claiming it’s all to do with her new-and-improved confidence. 

“My mum thinks this is a little bit crazy, but what can she do? No regrets, never any regrets – I’m happy with my cheeks,” she added.

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