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Engagement rings have to be unique as much as possible to be able to please the person receiving them. Since engagement is a special event, the ring given should be special too. Men are giving all the effort they can give to choose the best engagement rings for their girlfriends. Good to know that jewelry shops offer hundreds or even thousands of designs to meet every people’s demand when it comes to engagement rings. But today we want to recommend  Custom Flower Engagement Rings, it is easier to pick one if you have an idea and just customized it to fit what you really have in mind.  Custom Flower Engagement Rings are now available in jewelry stores in Dallas if you happen to be living in Dallas Texas. 

Pointers on How to Have your Custom Flower Engagement Rings Made

Set Your Budget 

Before contacting your jewelry store make sure to be ready with your budget. Your budget will determine what type of ring they can create for you. Setting a budget ahead of time will also help you get a better ring for your partner. 

Make Your Design

For the designs that you want you can have a jewelry designer layout your ring design. Make sure to be able to give a detailed description so that they can imagine what you want for your ring. Samples and illustrations will be also good to aid you in showing your jewelry designer what you have in mind. 

Finalizing Your Design 

They can show you the possible actual by using a 3D presentation so you can almost see it in actual before creating the real ring. In this presentation, you can adjust some details until you are satisfied with the appearance and the details. 

Receiving Your Ring

Once made you can now get your engagement ring and be ready to make that proposal you waited for. There is nothing more satisfying than to see the customized engagement ring you wanted for your partner and there is nothing more exciting to see the reaction on your girl’s face when she receives the unique ring for your engagement. 

What to Look For and Factors to Consider  When Getting Custom Flower Engagement Rings

Sizes of Stones 

Since Custom Flower engagement rings are made of clusters of stones, your center doesn’t have to be very big as long as it is a little bigger compared with the stones surrounding it will be fine. With several stones on the ring, it will make it sparkle more.

Settings to Use 

Since your ring will be containing several diamonds it will be wise to choose a sturdy setting to secure each stone and make them have better durability. Symmetrically placing the diamond can make it more secure. 

Check on the Characteristics  Of Diamonds

As always when it comes to getting an engagement ring with a diamond make sure it comes with a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate or AGM (American Gem Society) certificate. This can prove that the diamond you are buying is authentic. 

  • Cut

Choosing a jewelry shop that has an expert diamond cutter will be the best choice since cutting diamonds is sensitive and this can affect the durability and brilliancy if not properly cut. 

  • Shape

Since your engagement ring will be a Custom Flower, then the diamond shape will be round. Round diamonds are easier to cut, therefore your stones will be more brilliant. 

  • Clarity 

Flawless diamonds are always the perfect one but VS1 or VS2 grade will do since they are close to the no inclusions but less expensive. Inclusions are not that visible to the naked eye so VS1 or VS2 is fine.   

  • Color 

The color G to I range is ideal for the custom flower cut engagement ring. This color is close to colorless but less expensive.  

Use these guides and you can get the best Custom Flower Engagement Ring for your future bride, she will love it for sure. Girls are fond of flowers and with this ring, you will never go wrong. Custom Flower Engagement Rings in Dallas Jewelry Stores are available for you. Contact your jewelry store and set an appointment to discuss with them your ideas on how to make your custom flower engagement ring more personalized.