A woman was left furious after returning to her car to find a shopping trolley cable ties to the driver’s door – although not everyone sympathised online.

After sharing a photo of the sabotaged vehicle, left in a community car park in Ararat, Victoria in Australia, the woman received a barrage of criticism on social media.

People replied to post saying she must have left her car badly parked to have annoyed someone enough to pull the prank, the Mirror reports.

Commenters argued that if the woman wasn’t such a “bad driver”, the Woolworths trolley wouldn’t have been tied to her car.

One person said: “Maybe they shouldn’t have parked like a d*** and someone wouldn’t feel the need to do this.”

Someone else weighed in: “First, you probably took up 1.5 spaces and stopped someone else from being able to park there.

“And lastly, if you’re at Woolies anyway, just walk back in and buy a knife or scissors and cut the cable ties off.”

“The only time I see this is when people park incorrectly. Although, mind you, who in their right mind carries zip cables with them?” said another.

Commenting about the woman’s parking, someone else wrote: “The right hand headlight is pointing at someone else’s number plate, must’ve been one hell of an attempt to park…”

The woman was furious when she found her car.
The woman was furious when she found her car.

It seems that parking – and driving – sparks a lot of debate if people think someone is doing it wrong, reports the MailOnline..

A woman who recently moved into a new house with her partner has already found herself warring with her neighbours – because they aren’t keen on the way she parks her car.

The anonymous woman explained she had moved her car from her driveway onto the roadside over the weekend because she had two people staying over and wanted to allow them to use her drive.

She was even courteous enough to the other people on her road to move her car to the street opposite and made sure not to block any driveways when she re-parked.

But it seems her thoughtful parking job has backfired, as her new neighbour is now furious at her for “disrespecting” her neighbours by parking out on the street.

And one man has spoken out as he believes we’ve all been using sun visors wrong.

Driver Sidney Raz has shared the ‘right’ way to use the sun visor in your car and it shows that we’ve all been using them wrong.

Sidney is TikTok famous thanks to his videos where he shares things that he wishes he realised sooner, and recently he’s turned his attention to the car.

He discovered that not only do sun visors twist, to protect the driver’s eyes when the sun is not directly in front, but they also extend – providing greater amounts of shade.

Sidney’s video soon went viral and had over nine million views, alongside a slew of comments from people who praised him for the new knowledge.

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